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How To Lace Your Waist Trainer or Corset Carefully?

waist trimmer belts

Although putting on the best waist trainers for a plus-size long torso is challenging to lace up. Yet, it is rightly said that practice makes a man perfect. Once you learn the correct way of lacing them properly and then keep putting them on regularly, it will become elementary for you to lace them up on your body in a few minutes.

Here are some crucial steps for your guidance of lacing the waist training undergarments appropriately:

waist trainer for body shaping

Keep fully Loosen

Whenever you are ready to put in a corset r waist trainer, it is suggested to keep all slacks completely loose. That makes the separation present in the back gap as much even as possible. Moreover,

  • You should not intend to all of hooking slacks gathered at either top or the bottom
  • Instead, you should try your best to keep the pressure evenly distributed all across the back gap.

Closing the hook and eye closures

Just place the best waist trainers for back fat around your waist and retain the garter loops on the bottom while the lacing portion on the back. Then start hooking up the busk from the upper top and way down till the end of the hook and eye closure lane.

waist trainer with hooks

Removing the Slack

Now remove the slack present in lacing by pulling together the loops close enough to be easily fastened.

Then make sure that the waist trainer or corset is correctly positioned and all the hooking lanes are present precisely in the center of your back, right on your backbone or core.

Another thing important here is to focus on adjusting your breasts in the cups of body-shaping undergarments rightly.

Tightening and Pulling

You will have to tighten the upper portion of the corset or trainer by pulling the 2nd X lace inwards initially from the top and later adjusting it further with the 3rd X.

If three remains some additional slack on the top, you can easily remove it by pulling the central loops. While if there remains no gap or distance between the laces, it means that you have bought the wrong size of the best waist trainers for beginners.

best waist trainer


Repeat all the steps mentioned above until you get your desired fitness goals. Moreover, till this stage, you will be comfortable enough to put them on quickly, and your back pain experiences will also have vanished now. Still, you have serval choices about how much tight or lose you want to keep them.


While lacing your waist trainer or corset carefully, always ensure that there remains a little clear gap against your spine. That is because of two main reasons:

  • A too-small gapped trainer may exert some additional pressure on your back, causing you to have back pain issues.
  • While on the other hand, a too big gapped waist trainer will not fit your body snuggly and may leave you uncomfortable wearing them.

However, if you intend to use waist trainers or corsets for some medical purposes, then it is suggested to consult a professional physician before use.

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