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Are You Ready to Start Waist Training? Follow These 10 Steps

women waist trimmer

Waist Training is defined as gradually reducing the natural waist size of any person through the consistent wearing of body-shaping undergarments. Although you can wear the waist cinchers or corsets in several ways like

  • fun
  • fashion
  • costuming
  • foundation
  • back support
  • medical purposes and many more

But their primary purpose is reducing bodily inches and weight loss. So, if you are the one who is ready to start waist training, then he/she must follow the below given ten steps for reliable slimming results:

Listen to Your Body Carefully

Before you dive into waist training, the first and foremost important tip for its success and reliable results is to listen to the body’s needs carefully. And as all the waist training undergarments are somewhat personal accessories, let your body speak of what it requires.

Get Your Right Size

After determining which kind of body shaper you need, the next thing comes your body size. First, correctly measure your waist and get the right size best waist trainer for beginners. It is a crucial step as poor-fitting ones may harm you, while lose garments will not give you desired waist training results.

waist trainer for tummy

Choose the trainer according to body shape.

As we all know, not all women possess identical body shapes. However, there are five basic body shape types.

  1. Apple
  2. Pear
  3. Rectangle
  4. Strawberry
  5. Hourglass

So, determine your body shape first and then opt for a waist trainer accordingly.

Get a High-quality waist cincher or corset.

You can expect extraordinary results from lingerie bought from a local market where they may be of inferior quality. Remember, quality matters a lot and has a direct link to the final results. So, try to have high-quality undergarments.

Season Your Waist Training Undergarments

The term seasoning refers to breaking in the best waist trainers for back fat gradually over a couple of weeks to get the perfect fit. Don’t tighten them so harshly because it may make you uncomfortable and painful. Moreover, initially wear them 1-2 hours daily and gradually increase time for over 8-10 hours a day for 5-6 days a week.

lower tummy belt

Track Your Weight Loss Process

Always remember to note down the initial weight and body measurements before you get ready to start waist training. And then, over time, track down the weight loss process day by day. Tracking your progress throughout this fitness regimen will help you to remain consistent and appreciate every small win. Also, your before and after results will be in front of you, boosting your self-esteem and confidence.

Don’t’ exercise in corsets; use waist cinchers for this purpose.

Almost all corsets come with a steel bone in them, which is remarkable for back support but not good enough for burning away extra fat and calories. Moreover, the steel bone in them makes them less elastic and flexible to be worn during strenuous exercises, so try to opt for waist cinchers at that time. However, they flexible enough and allow you free movement.

Use an Inner Liner

While waist training is a significant thing, the waist training undergarments let you sweat much more than average. Ans that sweating may later become a reason for several skin issues like rashes, itching, or fungal growth. So always try to have an absorbent piece of cloth or liner between the garment and your skin.

Fuel Your Body in Regular intervals

Your appetite may sharply decrease while putting on the best waist trainers for plus size long torso. That is because they compress your entire midsection and make it difficult to eat. So, it is highly recommended to take small 5-6 meals throughout the active part of the day instead of taking three big meals. Also, try to consume just healthy food items.

best corset belts

Sleep in your waist trainer carefully.

If you want to train your waist while putting on the waist trainers during sleeping hours, be very careful. During this time, your overall body is at rest while the digestive system is working. As a result, the stomach naturally expands at night, and if your trainer is tight enough, you may feel uncomfortable and suffer from indigestion.


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